Chico Traditional Ecological Stewardship Program

Chico Traditional Ecological Stewardship Program

Chico Traditional Ecological Stewardship ProgramChico Traditional Ecological Stewardship ProgramChico Traditional Ecological Stewardship Program

Indigenous-led land management for community resilience & shared prosperity

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TEK Certification Phase I Level I

FIELD TESTS: March 5 / 6 / 14, 2020

NEXT TRAINING: March 13, 2020

TEK Events & Education in Butte County, CA


Educating our local community about TEK through collaboration with community environmental organizations and local, state and federal land management agencies


Traditional Ecological Knowledge

Indigenous Knowledge & Leadership at the Forefront of Climate Action

There is no greater endeavor than to work collectively as a community to strive for healing, land restoration, and a thriving economy. Tribes of Butte County have historically created thriving local economies based off the outcomes of ecosystem stewardship and large-scale community land management. 

The local Butte County Tribal Nations have traditional knowledge and the ability to work together for the greater good of local communities, which is the saving grace we especially need today. Native and non-native community members of Butte County affected by the Camp Fire are in a position to work together as a whole and expand our capacity to manage our ecosystems. 

Together we aim to restore the communities’ relationship with the environment with shared knowledge from Tribes and local community members. The people of this land for generations have received prosperity, peace, health and love from their connection to this place and that will never change. 

Every single soul in Butte County is part of this truth today, and we must recognize our ability to rise to the occasion and seize the opportunity to have a thriving local economy based on our collective efforts.

Wassa Honi Mep!

(Keep your heart's intentions good!)

Ali Meders-Knight

Mechoopda Tribal Member, basketweaver, and TEK practitioner/educator

Get Certified!

Land management contracting with the city of Chico, Butte County, and on State and Federal Lands will need T.E.K. (Traditional Ecological Knowledge) certification for good pay and long term employment.

There are contracts that need T.E.K. Certification from the local M.L.D. (Most Likely Descendant) tribes in the territory they are working in. Every Tribe should have a certification program that allows other contractors to get a T.E.K certification from their people.


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